Beyond Banking:
A Long-Term Partner

Our modern business model enables us to align ourselves with clients as partners for the long-term.

IPA was founded on the belief that clients today have a diversity of opportunities and challenges that require a diversity of talent to navigate. Our comprehensive offering and exceptional team of experienced, diverse leaders can provide authentic perspectives to support our clients across all stages of growth and the corporate life cycle.

the Investment
Banking Culture

IPA is building a firm that represents the future of the industry, challenging the status quo, leveraging flexibility, geographic openness and an entrepreneurial mindset to create a culture that is client-focused, collaborative and a meritocracy.


Our unmatched team provides expertise around ESG, cybersecurity, board diversity & talent retention.

IPA’s disruptive approach will be organized around three lines of business: Strategic Advisory Services, Capital Markets, and Strategic Opportunity and Risk Advisory Services (“SORA”) Strategic Advisory Services will be provided through our alliance with Lazard Ltd (NYSE: LAZ), through which IPA will create an unrivalled combination of diverse perspectives and experience with Lazard’s preeminent brand in strategic advisory.

"Wall Street is getting a new investment bank, that very deliberately shatters the glass ceiling..."

Independence Point Advisors (“IPA”) is a modern investment bank that provides clients with world-class advice from seasoned Wall Street professionals around the most significant global concerns for today’s corporates. Our comprehensive offering of advisory services around strategic opportunities and risk assessment as well as capital markets underwriting positions us as a true partner to clients across all stages of growth, planning and the transactions process.